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Why should you be getting personal accident insurance?
Many Singaporeans might have heard of whole-life plan or investment-linked plan from their financial advisors due to these products’ higher commission. However, if you think you are adequately protected by buying these products, it is time to think again.

tread wear indicators In the event of an accident, you would not be able to make a claim against the abovementioned products unless death or total & permanent disability occurs. How about Hospital & Surgical plan then? Well, one must receive some form of surgery or be warded in order to obtain compensations. The plug to the loophole comes in the form of a personal accident insurance.

In additional to providing compensation for medical expenses for injury due to an accident, a personal accident insurance can provide financial benefits such as weekly cash, daily hospital income and coverage for emergency medical evacuation cost. These extra benefits may require additional premium though.

Although personal accident insurance does not provide any benefit until a claim is made, it is an inexpensive form of protection considering the coverage against premium paid. In fact, it is important for a working young adult to get a personal accident insurance as he travels more often and the chance of getting into an accident is higher.

If you intend to purchase a personal accident insurance, it is advisable to buy it as a standalone policy rather than a rider to a life cover as the latter option generally does not have loss of income and other options attached to it. In addition, an individual accident policy is cheaper as well.
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