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More Ways To Pay Less For Your Car Insurance
There are a number of other alternative you can undertake to reduce the cost of your car insurance. It is important to know what can be taken away and should maintain to cater to your needs. What apply to others might not apply to you.

More tips to save money on your car insurance.
Marital Status: Single men pay more for their car insurance than Married man. Insurers done a research and shows that Married man have a lower claim ratio, therefore they are more willing to charge a lower for their motor insurance.

Vehicle Security: the more secure your vehicle, the less likely it is to be stolen, and the less likely your insurer is to have to process a claim. As such, car insurance companies will reward you for fitting things like an alarm and immobiliser if your car does not already have them. Check with your company to see what will decrease your premium the most, as some security fittings can be quite expensive - you want to make sure the outlay is countered by the saving on your cover.

Driving behaviour: being caught speeding or committing other traffic offenses can increase the cost of your car insurance, or even jeopardise your chances of obtaining cover at all. The closer to the letter of the law you drive, the better - both financially and in terms of safety for yourself and others.

Modifications: if you modify your car in any way, you should tell your insurer. Performance or style modifications will always increase your premium - if you are searching for cheap car insurance you should keep any changes to a minimum.

Main Driver: if a car in the house is shared equally, but one driver has significantly more experience or fewer penalty points, naming them as the main driver (with you as a named driver) can save you money on your car insurance.

Safe Driver Discount: You will be entitled to 5% discount given by Traffic Police if you did not make any traffic offence for the last 3 years based on 30% and above No Claim Discount.

Sell your car at the right time: Let's assume that you brought the insurance in December and intend to sell your car next year October. In insurance context, you need to fulfil 1 year to enjoy your 10% entitlement of No Claim Discount (NCD). Therefore, it will be more advisable to sell your car in December to enjoy the entitlement. However, if you enjoy 50% NCD (which is the maximum that insurer can give), it does not matter when you want to sell you car.
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