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Highest Selling Price For Your Car + Insurance Refund

Benefits for using "Sell Your Car" service
01 Offer a higher price for trade-in of current car from 200+ car dealers bidding for it # 05 No charges incurred
02 Get up to $5,000 more for your car!   06 Hassle-free documentation, finance settlement and transfer of ownership
03 No obligation to accept offer price   07 Insurance refund and how to increase your No-Claim Discount by another 10%
04 Flexible hand-over date      
How to Sell Your Car?
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  Live Bidding from >200 Dealers to give you the Highest selling price
  There be a $100 fee chargable.
  Procedure to sell by Bidding:
bullet Drive down to our Partner’s Office for photo-taking on your vehicle.
bullet Details to be submitted online for >200 Dealers to bid
bullet Receive highest selling price in 1 work day.
bullet Proceed to highest bidding dealer and transact if you are satisfied with price
  Refund of the $100 Bidding Fee
bullet If you manage to sell the vehicle through us.
bullet If you manage to get a higher price offer for your car. Read our guarantee here.
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  Get a quotation by submitting car info online
  Procedure to get a Quotation:
bullet Do provide us your vehicle particulars and condition
bullet Details to be submitted to > 200 Dealers to quote for the best price.
bullet Receive highest selling price in 1 work day.
bullet With satisfied price, a meet-up will be arranged to process the paperwork and insurance refund
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highest price Looking at selling your car?
We can help you to sell your car at the highest price with more than 200 car dealers bidding for your car.
Check out here.
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