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Claims Support to prevent high renewal premium when an accident occurs.

Issues Car Owners faced when claims occurred
bulletClaims report workshop will not give personal attention to resolve your claims.
bulletInexperience in writing claim report resulted in loss of case to 3rd party.
bulletBeing penalize for high renewal premium even though the claims is not your fault
bulletClaims that was agree to be resolve privately, back claim without your knowledge.
Below is what we will do for you
01Make arrangement to collect your damaged vehicle.04Damaged car will be repair and return soonest possible.
02Provide a replacement vehicle.
(case to case basis)
05If Personal injury claims arises, professional advise will be given.
03Advise on how to make your claim and liaise with all relevant parties.06Recover any uninsured losses to minimize the loss you incurred.
What you need to do when accident happen
bulletSTEP 1#bulletSTEP 3
 Call our claims adviser Richard immediately at his mobile 9069 1121 or our hotline 6225 4711
(Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm)
  Take picture of the damages of both vehicles and seek witness at the accident scene
bulletSTEP 2 bulletSTEP 4
 Take down 3rd party vehicle number and personal particular with contact number  Do not sign any document or go to any workshop from 3rd party till proper advise is given
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