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Car Accident Claim
What do I do if I am involved in an accident?
1.Stay cool and don’t panic. If no injury is involved, do drive your vehicle to the side of the road or somewhere safe.
  • The registration numbers (number plates) of all other vehicles involved
  • The names, NRIC number, address and telephone number of the other driver(s)/owner(s) and any witness
  • The name of insurance company/companies for the other driver(s)
2.Be sure to take note of the essential details before filing an accident reporting at the IDAC (reporting centre) or (Authorised Workshops for accident reporting)
  • Do not accept any offer by roadside touts offering free tow-truck services and referral to unauthorised workshops with free use of rental cars. They may compromise your claim or defence to a claim.
  • [Take 5-6 photographs of the damaged vehicles with your digital or mobile phone camera, including the accident scene, like the road, the surroundings, and the position of the vehicles before they were moved]
  • Avoid discussing liability with others involved in the accident, or their lawyers. Refer all communications from them to your insurance company.

If an accident involves injuries, do not shift the car, call the police immediately. You must also make a police report within 24 hours of an accident involving
  • Damage to a government vehicle or property
  • A foreign vehicle
  • A pedestrian or cyclist
  • A hit-and-run party
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