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01 Competitive Quotation
We source for the best price from multiple insurers
02 Annual Comparison
Process is repeated year on year
03 Convenience
All paperwork and payment can be done at the comfort of your home. We accept fax or scan forms via email for processing
04 Fast Response - revert within a day
05 Claims Support
Claims Support to prevent high renewal premium when an accident occurs. Read More
06 Highest Selling Price For Your Car + Insurance Refund Read More
07 Emergency Hotline for breakdown and car accident referral services in Singapore and West Malaysia. Read More
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It is really value for money, A-Assurance provides so much services and it is unbelievable that it is free. -Andrew Hun
I was so loss when i met with an accident, Richard was just a call away to settle all for me. Phew!!!! -Angela Tan
Have been using A-Assurance services for a couple of years, they are attentive and fast with their replies & quotes. Trust them to give me the best quote in the market. -Colin Choo
When I met with an accident and since it was the first time I had a car accident, they guided me on the spot what to do. Thanks to them, the claims process went through easily without a glitch.
Great Service! - Desmond Wen
I have been using the services of A-Assurance for the past four years. It keeps saving me a lot on my insurance and comparisons are easy and comprehensive. I am confident of getting the best deal on my car insurance without doing all the legwork myself. Service is prompt. Highly recommended! - Fredrik Johansson
As a lady driver, I need hassle free and convenience and A-Assurance has done that for me.... - Jody Phua
So good to have you as my agent and if others, might not even bother my needs. I will surely refer more friends to use your service. - Kelvin Lee
It is so good that I know my car insurance matters is in good hands. The staffs are all very experience and always there for me when I need them. - Rachel Teo
Shao Xian
Thank you for the great efforts in assistance to provide and process my insurance certificate in such a short notice. It was very efficient and you provided the highest level of customer service. I am appreciative of your efforts... -Shao Xian
A-Assurance has been helping me to get the best car insurance deal throughout these years. Its staff is professional, reliable and efficient and always makes sure I renew my insurance on time! -Steve Siu
We have a variety of travel insurance plans with comprehensive protection to suit your needs. So now you can travel with peace of mind.
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Home is your biggest asset when you spent money to buy, renovate and furnish. Do you know that most of the 'Home Insurance' do not cover the Renovation and Furniture contents but only the structure of the building?
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No one expects sudden death, disability or accident. Protect your loved ones should you meet with any mishaps and covers your outstanding debts should the unfortunate happen and give your loved ones a second chance.
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