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Welcome to A-Assurance
We are your One-Stop comparison service provider who works with different general insurance agencies to bring you the most competitive insurance plan to serve your specific needs. We are a comprehensive insurance comparison service that covers your every need. Based on your requirements we will find, compare and introduce you to the most competitive products from the best insurance companies and more.

We believe in helping you obtain information to make an informed choice which at the same time, help save you time and money. We are committed to help you find your required general insurance plan at the most competitive price.

Our service approach comprises three simple steps:

A-Assurance was set up in 2007 by a team of people who like to create a simple and pleasant experience to help people identify the most competitive general insurance plan that meet their specific needs. By working with several trusted general insurance agencies representing numerous general insurance companies, A-Assurance channel the requests of their clients to these general insurance agencies who provide the quotation per their clients’ specific needs. From the client’s perspective, they entered their information once and are served potentially by several parties. The nature of competition helps them achieve their goal of receiving reasonable comparison for a competitive general insurance to meet their specific needs.

Who we work with
We work with a range of trusted general insurance agencies to provide a real breadth of coverage across the marketplace in order to ensure that our customers find the right product that meets their specific needs at the most competitive price.